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Blog post! "Oxidizing sourmash: WebAssembly" and the road to client-side browser bioinformatics using @rustwasm =)
(With a shout out to @munkium for the great example!)

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馃摋 Today I'm publishing a series of blog posts: From Rust to beyond.

It's about using Rust with different languages or environments, like #WebAssembly, C, #PHP, #NodeJS etc.

First episode: Prelude,
Next episode in few days.

#rustlang #fromRustToBeyond

Hey look, a new blog post! "Oxidizing sourmash: Python and FFI", my adventures learning @rustlang and not breaking everything along the way =]

Thanks for the great conference ! Hope to be back many times =)

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Anyone at working with Python + Rust FFI? If so, wanna chat? =)

Hoping to find some EXAPUNKS friends at , let's see if the sticker helps =)

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Oficina amanh茫 na UFABC (8h em SBC, 19h em STA): "Democracia e sociedade da informa莽茫o - Urnas eletr么nicas de 3a. gera莽茫o". O prof. @mariogazziro discutir谩 tecnologias de urnas eletr么nicas, e demonstrar谩 um prot贸tipo de urna que ele desenvolveu e visa garantir auditabilidade.

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For any problem that exists, there is always someone who will solve it somehow by piping something through sed.

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I am so, so sick of training Google's self-driving car *for free* via Captchas. Go drive off a cliff.

On my way to ! Looking forward to talk about scientific data in general (but especially public genomic data)

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One weird trick to make software 40% faster!

In other news, new sourmash on PyPI:
$ pip install --pre sourmash==2.0.0a9
and bioconda:
$ conda install -c bioconda sourmash==2.0.0a9

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Usu谩rios de #Android que gostam de ver ou ouvir v铆deos no #YouTube mas ficam igual o :canarinho_pistola: por causa das propagandas ou do app ruim, tenho uma solu莽茫o: Chama-se #NewPipe.

- D谩 pra importar o que se segue.
- 脡 simples e leve.
- Sem propagandas.
- Sem conta.
- Sem sess茫o de coment谩rios.
- Independente do Google Play Services.
- Suporta download, playlist, pop up, tocar em 2潞 plano e etc.

E o mais importante: est谩 no #FDroid e 茅 #SoftwareLivre.


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Finally found somebody else who's been advocating for full-history RSS (RFC5005)! Apparently there are two of us in the world. This person cares particularly about paginated podcasts, which would let you browse all the old episodes of a podcast no matter how long it's been running. I've heard from a bunch of people that this is still a big problem for podcasters.

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